A Passion for Building

That's the spirit of leadership at Power.

Power leaders take an active role in every project, working side-by-side in the field and the office. This hands-on leadership enables people to learn faster, empowers team members and promotes collaboration.  And it provides clients real-time assurance that their project will be successful from start to finish.  

Plus, with roots deep in the Chicago community and a passion for building what matters, our leaders have grown up, so to speak, in the Power Way.  We believe it is this tradition of growing from within that ensures our company's stability, strength, and ability to thrive in the years ahead.

“Like many people who have come to Power, I came because of the company’s reputation for outstanding performance, its local focus, and its small company feel.  I want us to never lose that sense of being a family.” 

Terry Graber, President and CEO


Dave Anderskow

Senior Vice President and CFO

Pete Bartels

Vice President

Dwight Blake

Senior Vice President

Shahara Byford

Vice President

Pat Donley

Vice President

Patrick Duggan

Vice President

Bob Gallo

Executive Vice President

Jeff Geier

Executive Vice President

Chris Goray

Vice President

Al Gorman


Jon Gorman

Senior Vice President

Terry Graber

President and CEO

Ken Gorman

Senior Vice President

Seth Gudeman

Vice President of Field Operations

Jamie Hendricks

Vice President

Gary Schreiber

Vice President

Bob Van Deven

Vice President
Jon Gorman
Senior Vice President x

Mountain biking

With Power since: 1987

Why did you choose Power?: I chose Power as my grandfather founded the firm and my father is Chairman of the Board, but even if that were not the case, I can’t imagine a better firm to work at in the construction business, at least here in Chicago for certain.

Favorite Chicago “haunt”: My favorite haunt is the East Bank Club in Chicago. 

Items on your bucket list i.e. place to visit, thing to do, etc: One trip I have yet to take that is definitely on my “bucket list” is to drive south down US 1 along the Pacific coast from San Francisco.

Fun fact that none of your colleagues would know: I composed music and played guitar in a rock band during and for a few years after college.

Jon Gorman's LinkedIn Profile