Pull Plan Drives Early Project Completion
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Pull Plan Drives Early Project Completion

Power Construction’s VIP Group shifted its Skokie Hospital renovation project into high gear using both a full Critical Path project schedule and short interval or “pull plan” scheduling techniques.  Pull planning is a process of starting with the end date and “pulling” activity durations back from that to determine how key components of the project should be best sequenced. 

Led by Power VIP Superintendent Gary Glade, the team delivered a 28,000 square foot patient floor renovation 6 weeks earlier than the two prior patient floor renovations with the same basic space and requirements.  According to Gary, what made the difference was that “the team developed and adjusted the schedule TOGETHER.  Usually, a full schedule is presented for the subs to follow.  By pull planning with the subcontractor foremen each week, the team was able to adapt more quickly to the fluctuating demands of the project.”

“At the start of the project, not all subcontractors had iPads in the field, so we used Post-Its on a large wall to plan out our work”, said Jeff Thomas, Power VIP’s Senior Project Manager.  About halfway through the project, the team moved from Post-Its to live digital schedule and drawing files in Bluebeam Studio (TM).  Soon visitors were attending the weekly pull plan meetings to see for themselves how “we challenged each other to find better ways to build.  The energy and fun we had was terrific!”, added Gary.

Special thanks to our subcontractor partners: Hill Mechnical, Jamerson & Bauwens, Cecchin, Anning Johnson, Just Rite Acoustics, Hill Ahern, Mr. David’s, Hire Nelson and Glass Solutions.